Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Majoring on the Minor

I majorly love this minor! I recently watched The Major and the Minor for the first time, just in time for the 67th anniversary of its release on September 16, 1942. I found it to be absolutely delightful, and I burst out laughing at Ginger's comedic performance more than a few times. Definitely a bright spot in the day. :)

I was pretty impressed at what a convincing child Ginger made! She looks exactly like a kid, and honestly when I first saw this photo (before seeing the movie), I didn't believe it was Ginger. Pretty amazing!

The only thing that slightly disturbed me about the movie is the whole "bedtime story for grownups" comparison - say what?! - and how quickly the major seems to go for her in the end when it's revealed that ta-da, she's a fully grown woman and not a 12 year old kid. It takes him about...30 seconds to kiss her? I'd have felt better if he'd had a little more time to let it all sink in before appearing to say to himself "oh, thank God - now I don't have to feel guilty, moving in for the big smack-a-roo!" But, these classic films often seem to have quick resolutions to wrap up the ending, so I'm letting it go. :)

I love how the New York Times has archived the original movie reviews for quite a few of the classics. The Major and the Minor was reviewed on September 17, 1942 by none other than Mr. Bosley Crowther - what a name, lol! But Mr. Crowther does give it a good review, calling it a "cunning" film, and saying "Miss Rogers gives a beautiful imitation of a Quiz Kid imitating Baby Snooks. And in those moments when romance brightly kindles, she is a soft and altogether winning miss. Put this down as one of the best characterizations of her career." Well....some compliment!

Here's the trailer for The Major and the Minor (1942).

I found some cute posters and movie stills...

This guy was about to get an egg smashed on his head by the lovely Miss Attitude...

Why does it amuse me so that the restroom was called the lounge?

The 12-year-old smoker, here...

and drinker....(actually, it was supposed to be gingerale)

Next to these boys, she really doesn't look 12 anymore!

All in all, a delightful, fun movie that I highly recommend. The end. :)


  1. Yay, one of my favorites!
    Also, thanks for linking the original review. That's a great idea that I need to implement in to my future blog entries. This is definitely a movie that carries a different weight today!

    By the way, the first picture of "young ginge" is actually from Kitty Foyle.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed my review, but thanks for the tip on the pic that doesn't belong here - oops! :) It seems like all of the places I kept seeing this pic around Google images attributed it to The Major and the Minor for some reason - though I will say that I was a little confused as to why I didn't remember that scene or hairstyle from the movie itself, but then I just chalked it up to being a publicity photo or having been a cut scene from the original film. Anyway, I'm going to leave it for now since I like it so much, but I do plan to watch Kitty Foyle for the first time soon, it's on the dvr now. Maybe if I post about KF I'll remove the pic and put it with the proper movie. :)

  3. This is a great film -- I think Ginger was never lovlier than in this picture, and the Wilder dialogue was magic :)