Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unlike the movies depict, women of the 40's did not wake up with makeup

I've been away from my blog too long! My interests sort of travel through my consciousness in waves I guess, can't spend all my time on one thing too long without taking a break. Lately in my free time I've been doing a lot of reading. Making my way through the complete stories of Sherlock Holmes right now along with some Agatha Christie mysteries. I've also been doing some reading and studying on theology, specifically covenant/dominion and reformed theology. And if that's not enough, I've been on a blog-reading kick, too - I love following the blogs of very large, traditional families and learning all of their tips for smart shopping, gardening, cooking from scratch, raising kids, and just running a household in general. Oh, and I also watched a Grace Kelly movie the other day - The Swan. Didn't like it a-tall. I was not expecting the ending to be so ridiculous, it wasn't at all how I wanted things to end up. Ah well, on to makeup...

This is for all the girls out there who were also born too late - we might've missed out on the 40's, but we don't have to look like it. This makeup/hairstyle video actually has some useful tips that I plan to remember. I'm the one with the narrow (though not quite as long!) face. :)

I found this video here at


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